The Alchemist’s Case
... And potions of limb restoration and insidious poison.

You find a dead man on the side of the road. He is dressed in what once would have been nice clothing before he had been run through. In addition to his stab wounds he is missing a finger and has scratches on his neck and several other fingers as if jewelry had been forcibly removed. On the ground next to one hand is a large unstoppered glass vial with a little green viscous fluid still inside. The rest has spilled into the dirt.

On his back, you find what looks to be a wooden box with a brass latch, fittings, and corners. Straps and padding are attached to one side so it may be worn comfortably as a backpack. Opposite the straps, painted large in fine calligraphy, is “Al Kahzihr’s Mysterious Elixrs” smaller is “Wounds mended, limbs restored, impotence cured”

When opened you notice the lid is padded, hinged, and braced so that it stays open in such a way that it serves as a sign. The interior is divided into 40 padded compartments each containing a vial similar to the one on the road. Each vial has a paper label with single letter in ancient netheril script.

-The potions are great… The box is a magical artifact. It is apparently indestructible. The fragile glass vials are perfectly protected inside. When worn the box grants +1 to AC, Saves, and prevents the wearer from being flanked. On a small unpadded section of the lid you find a makers mark … In ancient Netheril is written “Targus”

-In addition to a variety of standard potions there are 3 limb restoration potions. When drunk any missing limbs are regenerated very slowly and very painfully. The growth rate is 1 day = 1 month so at the end of nine days a severed arm would be replaced with one the size and strength of a newborn. This growth continues until the limb reaches the same age as the player (or does it? – maybe it continues to age until it is old, withered, arthritic and useless)

When drunk roll percentile….
01-89 The potion works as described
90 the potion does nothing
91 aging stops at 20% of current age – normal aging takes over
92 aging stops at 40% of current age – normal aging takes over
93 aging stops at 60% of current age – normal aging takes over
94 aging stops at 80% of current age – normal aging takes over
95 aging stops at 200% of current age – normal aging takes over
96 aging stops at 300% of current age – normal aging takes over
97 aging stops at 400% of current age – normal aging takes over
98 Accelerated aging never stops until the flesh turns to dust and bones fall away and the stump scabs over.
99 Ages normally but the arm is 50% longer and twice as massive as it should be. If it is an arm player gets +2 to str and -1 to dex. If it is a leg it is +1 to str and -2 to dex. Multiple limbs / digits are at the DM’s Discretion
00 Insidious poison.

Insidious poison. Drinker takes 1hp damage immediately and 1hp every six hours this continues until death, a neutralize/cure poison, a heal, limited wish or wish. If during any 24 hour period a player does not receive either a long rest or magical healing they lose one permanently to their highest stat. Spells that cure the poison do not restore lost stats.

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