The Wyrmling Case and Spellbook
The gift for the wizard who has everything, and takes it with him.

This case and matching spellbook are constructed of the finest brass wyrmling hide by master craftsmen and have been appropriately enchanted with details to follow.

The lock mechanism is a decoy and is a trap. Detecting the trap requires a hard investigation check or a very hard active perception check. The trap can not be bypassed as there is no means of unlocking the case manually. Any attempt to open the case using the key will result in a needle trap being activated. Any attempt to pick open the lock without detecting the trap first will spring it. If the trap is detected a successful lockpicking (hard) means the trap was not sprung but also means the lock was not opened. A successful lockpicking (very hard) or investigation (very hard) will reveal that the lock is not a lock and the trap was not sprung. If the trap is sprung the Dex save depends on whether the trap was detected and what if any countermeasures were taken. A simple coin or metal plate over the opening for the needle results in a DC(6), if the trap is known about DC(14), if the trap is undetected DC(20). If the save is failed the person is affected by insidious poison (see below).

The case opens and seals with a command word. (Draconic for “Honor”) When closed the seal is air and water tight. If the trap is sprung, the command word also resets the trap.

The case is immune to fire and resistant to lightning, cold, and acid. If subject to physical attack the case has an AC 17 and maximum of 52hp and the attacker must succeed on a DC 11 Constitution saving throw or fall unconscious for 1 minute. This save must be made after each blow lands even if the attack “misses” and does no damage. If damaged, a master craftsman can restore 1d8 hp per 24 hrs working on the case. Repeated use of a mending cantrip can restore up to half of any lost hp, 1 hp per casting. It has a permanent aura of Nondetection and various divination spells will not reveal anything about it. When the case is closed, all of the above protections also extend to its contents. If destroyed assume the contents are mostly salvageable. Liquid components and inks will not be. The spellbook will be damaged and there will only be a 50% chance that any given spell will be intact. For the spells that remain, treat them as if in a regular spellbook and must be deciphered and scribed into the players spellbook.

Identify will not reveal the command word and attunement is achieved by placing your hand upon the case and speaking the command word. If the command word is unknown it can be discovered by an Arcana check (DC20). The check can be made once every 8 hours and assumes you are doing nothing else during this time except concentrating on the case, trying to find info on the case, or guessing at random command words. Assume +1 (cumulative) for every 8 hours spent in research, attempting to open it, or sleeping with the case. Also +1 for speaking draconic or +3 for dragons, half-dragons, dragonborn, or draconians. The case does not count towards the attunement limit.

Inside the case is the Wyrmling Spellbook, a complete spell component kit, plus inks, quills, and supplies to scribe up to 5 levels of spells (5 first level spells, 1 fifth level spell, or some combination totaling  5 spell levels) into the spellbook (allowing this many spell levels to be scribed in a spellbook with no additional gold outlay).  A few additional items are often found in the case as well assume a half dozen or so items that would all fit in a single pocket (Examples, a few gp, a gem, a ring, a locket or pendant, a key).

The Wyrmling spellbook is a small but thick book bound in the soft hide of a very young brass dragon. It contains 100 +2d20 pages. Each spell written in the book takes 1 page plus 1 page per spell level. The book is resistant to fire and will register as magical to detection spells. Once a wizard is attuned to the case they have a connection to the spellbook. From that point on the wizard treats the spellbook and the spells in it as his. He does not have to decipher and transcribe the spells in to another book. In addition as long as the case is within an hours walk (about 3 miles) and has not been claimed (attuned) by someone else, the wizard can access the book with his mind. This means it does not need to be physically present to change the spells the wizard has prepared (a long rest is still required.) It also means that any ritual spells may be cast as a ritual with out the spellbook being present.

The last function of the Wyrmling spellbook applies only to Sorcerers of draconic bloodlines. The exact effect depends on which bloodline they are decsended from;

  • All: When discovering the book and becoming attuned to it the Sorcerer may replace any spells known with any of the spells from the book even if they are not normally sorcerer spells. This can only be done when the sorcerer first becomes attuned to the Case and Book or when the sorcerer levels up.
  • Any Metallic: As above plus, Once per long rest the sorcerer can cast any spell from the book for which they have a spell slot. It does not have to be a known spell. The spell consumes the slot as if it were one of their normal spells.
  • Brass: As above plus, once per long rest the sorcerer can cast any spell from the book for which they have a spell slot. It does not have to be a known spell and does not consume a spell slot.
  • All: While draconic sorcerers my use the spellbook as list above and may use the spellbook as their ritual book if they have the feat, they may not add spells to the book except for ritual casters who may add rituals to the book.

These spell books are greatly sought after and therefore are often owned by higher level wizards. The spells within should reflect this but the book need not be full.

Note that dragons and dragonborn recognize this as being covered in brass dragonhide and metallic dragons are typically horrified at the thought. Brass dragons and their kin will often attack the user of said item on sight. Brass ancestry sorcerers who use these do so at a cost to their own morality.


Insidious poison.
Drinker takes 1hp damage immediately and 1hp every six hours this continues until death, a neutralize/cure poison, a heal, limited wish or wish. If during any 24 hour period a player does not receive either a long rest or magical healing they lose one permanently to their highest stat. Spells that cure the poison do not restore lost stats. Creation of an antitoxin is a very hard medicine check. Add bonuses for healer’s kit and proficiency and or herbalism kit and proficiency.

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